Types Of Hair Extensions We Offer


Individually bonded extensions are designed for ladies who want to have low maintenance. These extensions are attached to the hair by keratin tips, molded around small, neat sections of the natural hair. They are lightweight, discrete, and very flexible. They can be worn for up to 4 months with no maintenance appointments in between.


Our seamless tape extensions are made with an anti-shedding advanced technology that features a unique sew line on the tape weft to prevent shedding and tangling with the same cuticle intact one by one. Due to their advanced technology, we are able to custom color/root them. These extensions can reuse up to 3 times if with proper care.


I-Tip hair extensions are considered to be one of the safest methods available, and when fitted correctly should cause no damage to the natural hair. They are suitable for both fine and thick hair types and have a very high success rate in terms of security and slippage.